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【样册P80】SCR型 低频橡胶减振器

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【样册P80】SCR型 低频橡胶减振器 Low frequency rubber damper

新萄京ag65609com官方网站电子样册栏目为您先容:【样册P80】SCR型 低频橡胶减振器 Low frequency rubber damper信息,该减振器主要用于卧式水泵底座,有效的降低水泵设备的震动和噪音,也能保护水泵长期使用寿命。

【样册P80】SCR型 低频橡胶减振器


SCR low-frequency rubber shock absorber is made of metal parts and rubber body. Its elastomer adopts axisymmetric annular shear structure. This series of products are divided into 6 size structures and 14 bearing specifications. The axial bearing rated load is from 15 ~ 3000kg, and the damping ratio is greater than 0.07, which has strong inhibition on resonance. The shock absorber has beautiful appearance and compact structure. Compared with the vibration isolators of the same type and specification, it has small structure size, light weight, convenient installation and replacement, safe and reliable operation, and can maintain normal operation within the range of - 5 ℃ ~ +60 ℃. SCR damper has a good vibration isolation effect on the isolation of 600 rpm and reciprocating mechanical vibration. It is suitable for the vibration isolation of mechanical equipment such as water pump, fan, air compressor, diesel engine and refrigerator, as well as the vibration and impact prevention of instruments and meters. This product is also suitable for vibration isolation and protection of various equipment in aviation, ships and locomotives.

以上【样册P80】SCR型 低频橡胶减振器 Low frequency rubber damper信息来源于新萄京ag65609com官方网站,如需了解更多减震器请点击:弹簧减震器查询,欢迎新老客户到我厂实地参观考察,预约电话:021-33666667。


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